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DCM 270, Philips "welcomes" the iPod?

DCM 270, Philips "welcomes" the iPod? logomacitynet1200wide 1 docking station philips "width =" 170 "height =" 400 "border =" 0 "data-lazy-src =" to rumors circulating on the network, it seems that Philips is about to launch a new docking system compatible with both GoGear (the Philips mp3 player) and with iPod.

This is the DCM 270, a real "monolith" that, in addition to providing integration with the aforementioned mp3 players, would also include an integrated CDs player. Stylistically, the system is slender and robust: it rests on a large pedestal, it develops mainly in height and on top it is possible to insert the mp3 player, GoGear or iPod.

The choice of Philips to launch an accessory compatible with the Apple mp3 player seems to be a strategic choice: Philips could take advantage of the now widespread distribution of the Cupertino mp3 player to make the system attractive to a vast audience, and increase it so the sales possibilities.

Currently no further details are known about the price and availability of the DCM 270, nor with which iPod models would be compatible. We will not fail to inform you if there are updates.

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