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Days from browsers

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Netscape releases version 6 of its browser, Microsoft announces beta testing of IE 6.0 for Win, iCab approaches the final version. They are "browser days" and also Opera, the Norwegian company that produces one of the most interesting Internet browsers for Win, updates its plan for the Mac version. The slightly re-styled site does not actually say much about Opera for Macintosh. We learn, and this was already known, that in private Alfa and that experimentation goes on. There are no release dates, indeed the few references to it (some time ago it was suggested that a public version would be presented in the autumn) have been duly canceled. It was published, and this is new, a list of what works and what doesn't work in Opera for Mac at present. We learn, so that the Alpha version of Opera, among other things, runs pages in HTML 3.2 and 4.0, uses Javascript and CSS extensions 1 and 2, allows FTP, shows GIF, PNG and JPEG graphic files, supports HTTP 1.0 and 1.1. But there are still many things that Opera for Mac does not do, some of these fundamentals: it does not use Java, it does not print, it does not allow the upload of fles, it does not manage cookies. The impression, therefore, that Opera for Mac (which it should be released for both 68k and PPC and for MacOs X) is still far behind and we will not have to wait for a release in a short time.Remember that in the past Opera managers had complained about the lack of expert programmers who could accelerate the release of the version for our platform.

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