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Configure APN Ho. Mobile on smartphones, tablets and 4G routers

You will have followed our guide and you have decided to change telephone operator passing to I have. Mobileor will you have activated the new Ho.Mobile offer with 40GB of internet and unlimited calls that you found on our site but you can't connect to the internet? It is a not rare inconvenience that can happen very often when you change operator. The problems connected to this aspect could be different, but probably the most common cause linked to an incorrect configuration of the APN values ??(Access Point Name). Perhaps you've never had to deal with this feature, because you normally find it already configured by the same mobile operator. If, on the other hand, you have connection problems, the time has come for you to consider the existence of this function, verifying the correct data entry. If you don't know how to do it, in this guide you will see how configure APN Ho. Mobile on Android and Apple devices, so you can once again resume browsing the web from your phone.

APN a setting on your mobile device in the section of the cellular data network, which allows the smartphone to connect to the internet. Generally, these values ??are preset by each individual operator, but other additional data connected to this function must be entered by the user. It could happen that these parameters have not been entered by your operator, they have been deleted unintentionally or you have changed the SIM, in all these cases you will have to learn how to enter them manually.

Of course, the APN data changes for each mobile operator and therefore you will not be able to know them unless you start looking for them on the internet. We want to make your job easier and in this guide we'll show you what they are and how configure APN Ho. Mobile on your device.

How to configure APN Ho. Mobile on Android, Apple devices and 4G routers

configure APN Ho. Mobile on Android and ios

In theory, the APN configuration should take place automatically by inserting the SIM into your device. More and more often, however, we do not understand it and therefore will need to manually configure your smartphone if you want to connect to the internet. In this guide you will find out how to configure APN on the Android, Apple and 4G router devices of the Ho operator. Mobile.

Configure APN Ho. Mobile on Android smartphones and tablets

For configure APN Ho. Mobile on your Android smartphone or tablet, all you have to do is go to your mobile deviceSettings->Network and Internet ->Mobile Networkand then in Access point names(the names of the men could change depending on the model of smartphone or tablet used. If you have difficulty finding these items in the menu on your device, you can search for the term in the settings APN or Access point names).

Once this menu is open, create a new APN by pressing the "+"Or on the three dots at the top right and enter the following items:

  • First name: I have.
  • MCC: 222
  • MNC: 10
  • APN type: default, supl

For tethering (ie to use the phone as a modem) create a new APN with these entries:

  • First name: I have. tethering
  • MCC: 222
  • MNC: 10
  • APN type: dun

(if it doesn't work, in the entryGuy MVNO type spn)

The SIM will automatically connect to the internet as soon as you save these new values ??and select it in the relative menu. Remember before leaving the menu save the changes made. Your Android device now configured to browse the internet.

Configure APN Ho. Mobile on iPhone and iPad

If you own an iPhone or an iPad, all you have to do is go to the Settings-> Mobile phone-> Cellular data options-> Cellular data network and add a new APN using the following items:

  • Cellular data / APN:
  • MMS / APN:
  • Personal Hotspot / APN:

Configure APN Ho. Mobile on 4G router

In case you have a 4G router or a "WiFi soap", unlike the Android and iOS devices, the only voice that really interests you is the APN, which for the Ho operator. Mobile the value to insert the following:


Of course, to enter the aforementioned value, you will have to go into the settings of the control panel of the router to which you can access through a web page. If you don't know how to do it, follow this simple procedure.

Open the browser on your computer and in the URL line write192.168.1.1 entering as username and password admin / admin or check the router manual if this value is not recognized.