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Cocoa One or Two?

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Among the many experiments of Apple, a company that innovates the Information Technology sector with facts and not words, right now it would be useful to remember that more than four years ago in Cupertino the first of the two Cocoa projects was carried forward ( that nothing has in common, if not the only name). We already know that Cocoa has returned to the news recently but as one of the components of the architecture of the nascent Mac OS X: Cocoa will be applications written specifically for the "tenth" system Mac operation; Carbon will be those partially rewritten applications to be able to work and take advantage of some of the potentialities of Mac OS X and Classic are the applications that already exist for Mac OS 9 and that will work in Mac OS X in emulation (call in development phase) blue box "). During the Worldwide Developers Conference of 1996 (and made official at the Internet World of the same year), that is at the time of the Netscape domain as a browser (and, consequently, of devastating blue envy in the Microsoft labs that had just picked up a very weak browser that was only the shadow of the current Internet Explorer), Apple's Advanced Technology Group introduced Cocoa, a plug-in for Netscape (also in Win95 version) which, according to the intent, had to be the reference point for Internet surfing by children aged around 10 years. The final version never arrived (those developers followed one another until 1998). To explain how it worked, let's try an example: it would be enough to imagine ourselves being floating inside a galaxy where, before our eyes, few, initially, appear great topics symbolized by their names, the subject of interest is chosen and we head towards that word simply by pointing the mouse, as we approach we see dozens of sub-topics appearing in the satellite of the general topic, we choose the most 'appropriate and so on until you reach what you were aiming on the web without resorting to search engines (Sherlock was perhaps only in the embryonic state, at the time) or frantic attempts. In short, a technology that can be summed up in the concept of "pointing and clicking". If you still can't understand / remember Cocoa, we suggest you visit (this time using exclusively Internet Explorer, sigh, power of the strongest!) This site. is a newborn emulo of the concept (because it was not just plug-in it was) that it was from Cocoa, only this time (the site was born a week ago) it uses XML technology (Extensible Markup Language ). You can 'visually browse (open source technology, Visual Net) on the Internet starting from the map of the cold Antarctic continent that has been divided into zones that represent the "big topics" from which to start, we will continue with a 3D arrangement of the following sub-topics (300,000 categories active so far and 2 million links from all corners of the world) up to is the result of the company of the original XML co-developer, Tim Bray.

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