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Best Photoshop alternatives for Android

Who doesn't know Adobe Photoshop? It can be called the photo editing software par excellence and anyone who has had the opportunity to relate for work or as a hobby with image processing or to make a photomontage with Photoshop, knows all its features well. The only limitation that appears to be too heavy and complex to use in a basic form. This problem seems to be common to all platforms, be it Windows, MacOS or iOS. For Android the same thing, that's why we are looking for Photoshop appalternatives to be easily used for photo editing on these devices. We have also mentioned this topic in this article by offering some free Photo Editor apps for Android devices, but in this article we want to propose the best apps Photoshop alternatives for Android.

In particular, iOS devices are provided with a nice assortment of alternative Photoshop apps, so it is not difficult to find photo editing applications, download them from the App Store and produce the desired result. Instead on Android the story is a bit different. We went in search ofprograms similar to Photoshop for Android smartphones that can replace photo editing features, and here is our list of the best alternatives to Photoshop for Android users.

The best alternatives Photoshop for Android

Photoshop alternatives for android

Toolwiz Photos

Among the best alternatives Photoshop for Android, Toolwiz Photos is in first place. The number of tools, filters and effects that are provided with the Toolwiz Photos App is remarkable. There are so many that Toolwiz assigns an icon to each feature within the app and the icons extend over five pages: advanced, tone, tools, effects and others.

alternatives Photoshop ToolwizToolwiz allows you to make almost any change you can imagine. And if you don't want to paint it, you can use the search to find the tool you are looking for. Each tool has several feature options to make the most advanced changes. To indicate just some of the many features of Toolwiz: correction tool, cropping tool, patch, defog, automatic adjustment, skin tone, perspective, mosaic, stickers, frames, lens reflections, fisheye, sketch, abstract and invert.

The cropping tool, in particular, is worth highlighting as it allows you to make selections and create transparent PNGs.

alternatives Photoshop Toolwiz 2If you click on three dots next to Save, Toolwiz lets you go back and see all the changes made and reverse any changes made within the timeline. This is very useful when you realize that you like some of the changes you made earlier and therefore want to go back.Toolwiz Photos a free application, but it doesn't support levels. Apart from that, the rest is very close to the features of Photoshop on Android and allows you to make precision changes to your photos.


Snapseed an app Freeavance advanced Google photo editor for Android. It comes with dozens of features to edit or transform images, as well as dozens of filters to apply and modify individually.

alternatives Photoshop SnapseedSome of the tools included are RAW development, crop, rotate, transform, brush, correction, vignette and selective adjustment. You can also make regular changes with the Tune image tool such as auto-adjustment, brightness, saturation, contrast and more. In addition to the main tools, Snapseedalso offers sub-categories. For example, my favorite feature in Snapseed is the perspective modifier, inserted into the transformation tooldi. It allows you to change the horizontal or vertical perspective of the image, then automatically intelligently fills in the missing pieces after the transformation. Filters in different categories are available: lens blur, glamor glow, tonal contrast, HDR scape, drama, grunge, film grainy, antiquing, Retrolux, noir, black and white and frames. Once they are applied, it is possible to optimize the filters and play with the colors.

alternative Photoshop Snaapseed 2The last important feature of Snapseed stacks, which allows you to return to see all the changes made to a photo and then reverse any of the individual changes needed. Unlike Photoshop, Snapseed not exceptional for photo creation, but impressive for editing and application dignitosache who should have.


Pixlr a bit like Instagram. Not exactly an app that does the Photoshop functions, but this limit is compensated by the creativity department.

alternatives Photoshop PixrlThe application allows you to add a wide range of colorful and vivid effects and filters, as well as different frames and borders. You can illuminate, darken, pixelate or doodle brushes to highlight or reduce some areas of the photo, or simply edit the entire image with 12 different tools including red eye editing. The writing tool is the best of all the applications on this list. You can add more lines of text over the photo, choose between different font and style options, as well as change the opacity, color and alignment. The included fonts and font packages are beautiful and expressive. You can also make creative collages with dozens of frame options, sizing borders. Just select the independent function Collage at the opening of the app.

alternatives Photoshop Pixrl 2Pixlr a Free app on the whole valid especially for amateurs to embellish photos and add a bit of panache to images.

The world of photography is thrilling everyone, favored by smartphones equipped with ultra-powerful cameras, if you are interested in exploring the best photo apps on Android devices, I recommend this article where we offer the best photo apps for Android devices.