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Batman: Arkham Studio Rocksteady teases the development of a new game

Rocksteady Studios, the creator of the Batman: Arkham trilogy, has been in a low position since its latest PlayStation VR release in October 2016. But a recent tweet from the studio's official handle has whetted the start a new game development . He shared several images on the development of the backstage, without clearly suggesting the details of this mysterious project.

The Rocksteady Mocap studio. Calm before the storm …

– Rocksteady Studios (@ RocksteadyGames) January 30, 2018

In an intriguing tweet, Rocksteady shared the rhythm of the work in the mocap (motion capture) studio. The study shared a panoramic image of an empty mocap study, calling it the " calm before the storm ", and yes, even our minds have returned to the DC Comics animated series Batman v. Joker, with the Justice League and an episode with this name

The unofficial support team of Rocksteady mocap, back from a trial service.

– Rocksteady Studios (@ RocksteadyGames) January 16, 2018

Also, a couple of weeks ago, Rocksteady published another image of his "team unofficial support of mocap "where eight people are dressed in mocap suits for a" test shot ". This is another indication that aims at Justice League who will board to help Batman a fight the evil forces of the city of Arkham. One thing we know for sure is that the study not It is working on a Superman game, at least not the one with Superman that the central figure – the voice has already been swept away by the study.

Troy Baker, the artist who gave his voice to several characters from the Batman franchise – in particular the Batman: Arkham games – including Robin, Two-Face, Joker and even Batman, shared his enthusiasm by answering with a bright gif of popcorn.

– Troy Baker (@TroyBakerVA) 30 January 2018

What exactly the study is working on is difficult to know. But it is possible that the announcement arrivals during or before E3 2018, scheduled for June. Meanwhile, WB Games is also developing a game based on DC Comics, but difficult to determine whether the two studios work together. However, you can continue to speculate and even hit us with what you think in the comments below.