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Apple's 0.009% to Levinson.

Apple's 0.009% to Levinson. logomacitynet1200wide 1

Spending only (so to speak) 1,550,774 dollars, the recent member of the Board of Directors, Arthur Levinson, bought, in October, 0.009% (approximately) of Apple (80,600 shares, according to the SEC, the consideration of Consob in North American land), taking advantage of one of the best possible prices, which fell right in that period, that is 19 dollars and 24 cents. He had done so in August, when he first approached Apple, he would have spent much more, about 4 and a half million dollars, 300% more, there's nothing to say, congratulations. Levinson is president of one of the most important biotechnology companies and his footprint in Apple it is already noted with a scientific and technological section of the website. The fact is worthy of a few lines on Macity because it shows how much a new Mac executive believes in this company, despite the stock market slide at the end of September due to to a too pessimistic and a little happened "less profitable than expected" warning and give hope for the future of AAPL thanks to its business acumen.

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