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Apple, the first virus discovered in the App Store

First case of viruses in the iOS ecosystem: it seems that the infected software can steal passwords and other sensitive data

(Photo: Justin Sullivan / Getty Images)(Photo: Justin Sullivan / Getty Images)

a first, a virus in the App Store: in the last few days dozens of iOS apps have been infected with malware, in what appears to be the first case of infection of the Apple ecosystem, so far remained essentially impenetrable.

From the first analysis the infected code could be caused by a malicious version of Xcode (essential software for iOS apps) that the crackers would have planned, tricking the app developers and getting them into their programs.

it was Apple itself that claimed to have removed applications containing infected code from the Store, starting with WeChat, which has over 500 million users in China. In an email sent from Cupertino to Mashable, we read: To protect our customers we have removed the apps that were created with infected software and we are working with the developers to use the correct versions of Xcode to rebuild their apps.

Malware, found in at least 39 apps from Palo Alto Networks, it seems they can allow those who created them to take possession of passwords and other sensitive information. WeChat, which would seem to be the cause of the spread of malware, said it had fixed the bug earlier this month, releasing a clean version on September 12th.


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