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Apple: that's who Littlebuddy is

Apple: here is who Littlebuddy logomacitynet1200wide 1

A server that is used for registration. Here's who the infamous and mysterious "Littlebuddy" would be, whose Internet address ( has worried many American users. The existence of the server, discovered by some users of MacOs 9 who had noticed an unusual activity with data exchange between their machines and Littlebuddy, he had raised the suspicion that Apple somehow monitored his customers' Internet activity or that he tried to explore their HDs. Nothing of all. This is guaranteed by a TIL published over the weekend in which, without referring to the many sites that dealt with the issue, Apple claims that Littlebuddy is nothing more than a normal server that is used for secure connections and software registration. "When the recording is collected by the server – says the Til – send back a confirmation and during this transmission can appear in the" network consultation "window." If your computer does not receive confirmation, and this can happen for several reasons, for example due to being behind a Firewall, it can try several times to connect to Littlebuddy. To prevent the attempts from going on forever, just throw the Setup Info Dispatche file in the extension folder into the trash.

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