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Apple Mac Pro 2019 promoted by iFixit: reparability at the highest levels

Buying a Mac Pro 2019 means making a important economic investment – starting at 6,599 euros, but it can very well reach over 62,600 euros – and being able to intervene to replace or repair the components is a condition of fundamental importance for preserve it in time. IFixit's judgment on the degree of reparability should reassure users who are considering the purchase of the powerful calculation platform: the new Mac Pro was indeed promoted with an almost full score, 9 out of 10.

The credit goes to a large extent to the modular construction, but also the choice of reduce the use of proprietary connectors and standards helped make the platform easy to repair. The positive aspects highlighted by the authoritative source include:

  • The procedure for opening the case is very simple
  • Basic repair and component upgrades can be performed using standard tools – and in some cases none is required
  • Most components are modular and use standard sockets and interfaces
  • Apple simplifies access and identification of components by adding some diagrams and numbered steps to the same device. It also provides free online repair manuals

Mac Pro touches but does not reach the highest mark: the reason is partly related to SSD that, although characterized by the modular construction, they are difficult to replace due to the T2 safety chip. It should also be added that it could be very expensive to replace a piece that is not on Apple's approved repair list – provided it is available on the market. The overall judgment is however very positive: it is the most reparable Apple product of recent times, says iFixit. Further details on the analysis can be found in the link in SOURCE.