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Apple AirPods 2 and Pro: new firmware update

Apple has recently released a new firmware update for its true wireless earphones AirPods 2 is AirPods Pro. In both cases there is no information on the changes introduced, it should therefore be performance improvements and the stability of the connection.

For the AirPods Pro this is the second update after about a month from the previous one, so we move from the version 2B588 of November, to the most recent 2C54. The AirPods 2 instead pass from the 2A364 release to the (same) 2C54.

The update is performed automatically, but it is necessary that the earphones are inside the charging case, that the case is connected to the power cord and that there is a device previously associated with the earphones in the vicinity.

To check that both models are updated to the new release, simply go to the menu settings, general, info and plug on the earphones name. The update is already being distributed, however, it may take a few days before it spreads globally.