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Android 9 Pie: all the new features of the new operating system

In a somewhat surprising move, Google officially released its new operating system for mobile devices. Presented last May and known to date with the name of "Android P", The new operating system finally ready to be installed on Google Pixels 2. We have already talked about it in this article. the number and name was also revealed: Android 9 Pie.Porter many, interesting, novelties.

If you want to know all the news about the most popular operating system for smartphones, continue reading this article.

official: Android 9 Pie presented by Google. Here are all the new features of the new operating system

Android 9 Pie

In all these months we have repeatedly wondered what the name of the next operating system "Android P" would have been. Many were convinced that the "P" was for "Pistachio" (or better, Pistachio Ice Cream), but they were wrong. Google has (finally!) Officially presented its new operating system, christening it with the name of Android 9 Pie (cake).

New functions focused on Artificial Intelligence

The novelties presented by the Colossus of Mountain View are really many and focus mainly on Artificial Intelligence, aimed at offering an even simpler, more accessible and adaptable experience to the different needs of users.

Among the new functions that exploit AI we find that of the "Adaptive battery" (Adaptive battery), with which the operating system will be able to automatically detect which apps we use the most. in this way it can give them priority for battery use while they are in backgound. Or the "adaptive brightness" (Adaptive Brightness), able to automatically adjust the brightness of the screen according to our preferences and the surrounding environment (for example, by memorizing when we manually change the brightness indicator in certain environments or times).

Again with reference to the options that will exploit the AI, the functions have been introducedActionsisSlices.In practice, these are portions of an app that will appear following certain events. These functions, however, will be introduced only later, during the autumn.

The other new features: simplified use experience

In addition to the new functions focused on Artificial Intelligence, the new Android operating system will simplify the experience of use, introducing new navigation gestures, which will make it easier to use the smartphone with one hand, eliminating the button for recent apps.

But the news does not end there. Android 9 Pie introduces many other features, including:

  • Digital Wellbeing (Digital wellness)which offers information to users on the time spent with the smartphone, being able to put time limits on usage. It will also be possible to reduce the use of certain applications and darken the entire interface at the end of the day, to literally prevent us from using the smartphone before going to sleep;
  • Lockdown: temporarily disables all unlocking methods, except pin / password;
  • Notch support, or the black band at the top of the display, made famous by the iPhone X;
  • Dual-camera support, with which the apps can access the flow of two or more cameras simultaneously;
  • Improved notifications, especially for messaging apps (images, stickers, smart replies, drafts and more);
  • Location detection in interior;
  • Open Mobile API for NFC payments;
  • Best support for animated images(GIF and WebP);
  • Simplify the notification categories;
  • HDR VP9 Profile 2, to bring HDR content to YouTube, Play Movies, and other apps;
  • Neural Networks APIexpands with support for 9 new operations;
  • Blocked access to microphone, camera and other sensors to background apps;
  • Client-side encryption of backups;
  • Editor for screenshots;
  • New volume controls;

Android 9 Pie: when to install it

The update OTA (over-the-air) byAndroid 9 Pie already available for devicesGoogle Pixel.

On the other hand, you will have to wait a little longer for the other devices, but Google is still working for the release by the end ofautumn 2018.

The final version of the operating system also installs on devices registered to the program Android Beta and to devices Android One qualified.