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After Skype translator we just have to think

Skype translator an important novelty that asks many questions. Let's face it: everything is becoming too easy, not because of the vehicle (lhi-tech)

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For charity, do you know how many problems you solve? Especially to us who do not speak native English, children of a generation where at school lapple was always on the table and, above all, the maximum was studying how to get well in the Serpentine of Hyde Park. In short, the announcement of Satya Natella that Microsoft will soon offer a simultaneous translation service in Skype conversations one of those things that technologically makes the world more united, but that has contraindications. Let's face it: everything is becoming too easy, as it often happens not the fault of the vehicle (lhi-tech) but of those who use it. Why talk to the whole world absolutely useful, talk effortlessly a little less. The interaction between man and the machine from science fiction is shifting towards reality and the risk that an increasingly automatic use of language will take away that between man and man. In recent years, the study of companies on the word applied to programming is becoming increasingly targeted: the use of hands is replacing that of the word, but certainly not this evil. Apple's Siri optimization, Google's plans to improve the new language recognition systems lead to an increase in everyday life, as demonstrated for example by Panasonic some time ago, who organized a demonstration on a concept in Berlin during the new type of kitchen: the way to turn on, turn off and program the various appliances with a simple voice command made the idea of ??what lies ahead. And in this case, then, you have to cook and the intervention of the man remains fundamental for success. Here: if you can make a comparison, maybe this is the yardstick that should be used. Studying languages ??to talk to everyone about an intellectual effort that keeps the mind engaged in something positive. To get everything too easily, on the other hand, perhaps blocks some cultural mechanisms we need and above all makes the main element of our life vanish: curiosity. As always, in the end, there is the right medium: not that everyone – for example – should learn Chinese and in this case a service like Skype translator could only be an important help. To stop studying because a car does it for us becomes a dangerous precedent. In this we hi-tech men have to ask ourselves questions and look for answers. To prevent one day, turning on a smartphone, ends up turning off the brain.