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AdBlock launches its iPhone browser

After Android, the software that blocks unwanted messages arrives on iOS. Small revolution coming?

(Photo: Eyeo)(Photo: Eyeo)

With the launch tonight of the new iPhone 6s and 6s Plus, our web browsing habits will undergo (at our discretion) a small big change: the new iOS 9 mobile operating system will have among its functions to block unwanted advertisements.

Meanwhile (yesterday), AdBlock developers have launched, AdBlock Browser, their browser for iPhone and iPad, designed for safe and free advertising. Already available for Android, the German company's software can be integrated into Safari with its ad-blocking features.

How it works: with AdBlock it will always be easier to prevent the tracking of browsing sessions, as well as block malware and invitations to publish on social media. With logic opposite to traditional browsers, here the user can also insert in its own whitelist in which "reward" the sites that it considers of quality allowing them to show advertising and then make profits.

Eyeo, the company that created the browser, explains in the App Store that its software allows "Surfing free from annoying advertisements", and that Adblock Browser, speeding up navigation, saves battery and connection costs.

The large-scale dissemination of such software could have interesting consequences for the web advertising business. For one thing, the appAdBlock Plus had been banned from the Play Store two years ago (Google can't see things like that) and now comes back as a browser (even worse for Mountain View).


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