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A very fast burner

A very fast burner logomacitynet1200wide 1

SQP, the official distributor of the Apple world in Italy, today announces the availability of bulk versions (therefore without software supplied and without external case) of the new Yamaha 16x10x40 recorder in E-IDE version. The burner works on any mac with this interface and with system 8.6 or higher, of course mounting it inside the machine. We do not know, but suppose so, if the recorder in question can be seen as an external device by Toast once mounted in a FireWire case. In this case, given the certainly not very high price of the burner (around 600,000 plus the end user), being able to mount it externally we would have a burner with excellent performance at a not very high cost, an external FireWire case, in fact, is in trading at around 250,000 lira, adding the cost of Toast DeLuxe we would reach a final figure of around one million lire for a FireWire 16x burner and with Toast Full; a FireWire 8 / 12x burner has no different costs and often comes with a much reduced version of Toast.

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