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A "tele-screen" for Nike + iPod Sport Kit

Nike is about to introduce a new gadget to the market dedicated to the world of iPod owners who like to use the player to accompany the race or the fitnes. This is Nike Ampl +, a sort of bracelet with wireless connectivity and display that reproduces the information that the player shows on its screen when connected to the Nike + iPod Sport Kit

Nike Amp +, appeared for the first time on the pages of Men?s Health US edition, in practice an extension of the previous accessory that Apple has launched in collaboration with Nike of which it represents a complement. In practice, thanks to the bracelet, which also contains a remote control to manage the music, you can have your performance under control without having to look at the screen, which is very inconvenient if you are using an armband.

A detail that raises some doubts and questions that the newspaper is talking about Bluetooth connection. In fact, the Nike + iPod Sport Kit uses a proprietary connection type. It could be an anticipation of a future evolution of the wireless connections of the iPod or perhaps, more probably, of a mistake by the newspaper.

The cost of the accessory of $ 80 and at the time of writing is not yet officially announced.