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A pizza with Woz

A pizza with Woz logomacitynet1200wide 1

November 24 Steve "Woz" Wozniak, legendary co-founder of Apple Computer together with Steve Jobs, at the Total Global Pizzata, the latest initiative of the Computerized Nomads of the PowerBook Owners Club. on the initiative of a handful of computer-loving friends and all with Apple laptops, today the PowerBook Owners Club has more than a thousand subscribers in Italy and abroad and is in effect the largest User Group in Italy and among the first in Europe. The Total Global Pizzata a new variant of the canonical rules of the classic gathering of a club ("all together in one place"). The next Friday, November 24th, starting at 7 pm, a Poc dinner will begin in all the main Italian cities, which will have the particularity of interconnection via Internet: the participants of Milan, Rome, Turin, Palermo, Naples, etc. will be able to talk to each other, seeing each other, exchanging photos and sharing the spirit of the Poc with webcam shots and chat systems. ?Mac users have been in the past for a while now and especially in Milan this is very popular. Since we founded the POC, the pizza has become a monthly tradition of the Club to find us and have fun together. So the desire to extend this nice tradition to the whole of Italy is just the natural evolution of the pleasure of using the Mac and talking about the Mac with other people, not to mention that you always have the pleasure of meeting interesting people, "said Franco Scuri, co-founder and president of the POC. "It is precisely via Webcam that Wozniak could intervene during the evening, who has already personally met the founders of the Club and proudly boasts an Honorary Member card. However, this is not the case, but rather an overwhelming enthusiasm for technology and the joy of partying together, the reason why the Total Global Pizzata is enjoying great success with more than 220 registrations in the major Italian cities. It is not necessary (even if advisable) to have an Apple laptop. All information relating to the POC and the Total Global Pizzata is available on the official website of the club

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