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3dfx: we re-evaluate the Mac market

3dfx: we re-evaluate the Mac market logomacitynet1200wide 1

"Reassessment of plans for the Mac market. Review of projects for an AGP version of Voodoo 5. In-depth analysis of the steps undertaken so far". Bryan Speece would like to launch reassuring messages to the world of the Apple, but the attempt seems to fail miserably and leaves the doubt that among the many strategic turning points being evaluated within the company, the cut to the Mac sector is one of the most probable. responsible for the development of 3Dfx's Mac cards is published today by Maccentral, which contacted Speece to clarify the statements of some press bodies, confirmed also by the company, according to which in the coming months we will see substantial changes in the plans of Voodoo producers. One of these, the closure of the Mexican plant in Juarez in which 3Dfx cards are produced, their outsourcing and the simultaneous resumption of chip sales, leaves many doubts about the future of the Mac cards that 3Dfx has just started produce. As mentioned just above Speece wants to be reassuring about it: "I don't think this decision – declares to Maccentral – ends up distracting our attention from the Mac world. There is no change in our willingness to win market interest Mac. Our interest remains the same ?. But the clarifications that follow sound quite the opposite. 3Dfx was already reviewing the decision to create an AGP version of the Voodoo5 5500. Nothing definitive, but the approach now is much more cautious than a few weeks ago when the card was given for certain. In addition to this, the company is now starting a process to re-check whether its choice to enter the Mac world has an economic foundation.Speece does not say so, but the impression that for 3Dfx at the moment the only way to make sense of the choice to produce cards for Mac would be an option in build to order on the Apple Store. Only by offering the possibility to Mac users to choose between the Rage (or the Radeon) and the Voodoo could it sufficiently push sales in the world of the Apple, a hypothesis that Jobs had not excluded completely in the past but what now, with the Radeons to provision (which, moreover, unlike Voodoo also support DVD playback), seems rather distant. If it really will be so and in Cupertino they will continue to look to ATI as a privileged partner for 3D in the high-end desktop area, we can hypothesize the closure of the 3Dfx Mac experience. At least this seems to read behind the "I say not say" of Speece.Certo would always remain open the hypothesis that some other manufacturer may purchase the VSA-100 chips or the future Mosaic. "We would be happy to support this type of initiative," Speece hastens to say, but given the experiences of the past and the difficulties of 3Dfx itself, we are led to think that this is the most remote of hypotheses.

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