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3dfx, Mac support will continue

3dfx, Mac support will continue logomacitynet1200wide 1

3dfx does not suspend the production of cards with its own brand. Simply close down your production and rely on other companies for their assembly. The clarification on the rumors that they wanted 3dfx to take a step back and return as a mere chip supplier, on the model of Nvidia were therefore not correct. It is learned from the same company that writes in a document submitted to the Security and Exchange Commission that "3dfx will continue to have the retail market as reference, giving the production of cards to the outside ?. In practice, it can be deduced, consumers will be able to continue to buy cards with the 3DFX trademark and they will be of little concern that the assembly will be done in plants not owned by 3DFX itself. Instead, the rumor is established that the producers say Voodoo are interested in licensing their chips to third parties, as was the case until some time ago. In practice, assuming that 3DFX manages to convince someone to buy its processors, we will have Voodoo cards from 3dfx and other manufacturers. Finally in the document submitted to the SEC Alex Leupp, CEO of 3dfx, adds that his company interested in producing processors for the OEM market and for other emerging markets such as the so-called "Internet Appliances", mobile phones and PDAs. On this front, 3DFX will have to face a fierce competition on the part of ATI and Nvidia which, unlike 3DFX, have processors suitable for this area. The details of 3DFX, added to some declarations issued to Mac sites, throw a also light on the future support for our platform that will continue to be the center of attention of the company for 3D. According to statements not yet officially confirmed by the managers responsible, in fact, the production of Mac cards will continue, even if entrusted (like those for Win) to external assemblers.

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