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Turn off Windows services, fast and easy method

Often it doesn't happen to you to find the computer impallato or to have some slowings in the connection to the internet after a lot of months that not formatted? Many times the cause of we think it is a virus, but not always cos !! It often happens that there are processes uselessly useless, which continually slow down the system. Browsing the net to find some remedy I came across XP-Antispy arrived at the version now 3.96-7, which allows you to disable or enable, or keep an eye on a lot of services.


The services that can be monitored or modified are: Media Player Features, Error Report, Miscellaneous Settings, Network, Internet Explorer, Services, Messenger, and 2 dll files. I recommend, watch out for what you touch, because disabling some things, yes can interrupt the possibility of receiving windows updates, in your help in the profiles section, there are 4 profiles, plus customization.