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Spotter: in Milan the park sharing app that rewards users

Spotter is a new Italian app from park sharing that, in addition to saving time and fuel when looking for a parking space, as solutions of the caliber of Find & Park already do, rewards its users with gift card, voucher and fuel coupon. For now it is a pilot project active only in Milan – not surprisingly: ISTAT says that "parking anxiety", which is the second most important problem for Italian drivers, it is even more felt than a megalopolis like Manhattan. The same research even says that 20% of the average spent by car by the Milanese is wasted looking for a parking space.

Spotter's system is based on Gold is sPoints. Those looking for a parking lot use their own seSterzi, or tokens, those who leave instead get sPoints, which can be accumulated and converted into various goods – Amazon gift cards, fuel vouchers, other vouchers and of course sezteris (which can be bought alternatively in-app). On the platform you can specify various details of the parking you are looking for and leave, namely hourly prices, area of ??interest, timetables and much more.

Spotter thinks a lot about creating a solid community: it encourages users to be responsible and behave in the best way: each user is evaluated with some starlets, and the higher the average the greater the chances of finding parking lots / getting good rewards. Conversely, those with low ratings may have restrictions in the app. The system assesses who is to blame in the event of a dispute and eventually reimburses them.

The app has already been published both on the Play Store and on the App Store. If the pilot program ends successfully, the next stop will be Rome.

  • Spotter | Android | Google Play Store, Free
  • Spotter | iOS | iTunes App Store, Free