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It was Corel's Linux.

It was Corel's Linux. logomacitynet1200wide 1

Do you believe in promises? It would be good to answer: it depends on who makes them. That Corel is in a big financial crisis and is known to those who read us assiduously, recently we heard about the sudden investment of Microsoft that gave a little oxygen to the Canadian company, but do you expect $ 135 million to arrive from Redmond without asking for a counter-match? Today we begin to see something on the horizon: Corel has made it known in the world of open-source that it is ready to cede the division Linux and for the purpose, Derek Burney, the CEO of Corel, has already commissioned Linux Global Partners to study the market. Progeny Linux Systems seems to be the most interested, also because the distribution of Corel and that of Progeny have a common denominator in Debian's Linux distribution. It is all too obvious to assume, as some American media do, that the choice stems directly from Microsoft's investment. In Redmond they have never made any secret of their aversion to Linux, an operating system that competes directly, and in more sectors, with the Os delle Finestre.

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