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iPod Hi-fi, a great success

The iPod Hi-Fi is enjoying great success. This is what some information gathered by Npd Group say, placing Apple's stereo system in second place in terms of turnover in its sales category, just behind the Bose series of external speakers.

According to Npd's research, the turnover generated by the iPod Hi-fi presented last February during an ad hoc event represents 14.5% of the total. In front of it, as mentioned, there are only Bose products which, in addition to enjoying a much broader exposure even at shopping centers, and a large image (especially in the USA), are very diversified and also more economical. Altogether Bose and Apple collect half of the total turnover determined by the sale of iPod amplifiers.

If you turn from the turnover to the analysis of the actual sales numbers, the iPod Hi-Fi collects a result that is not so great, but still significant. It ranks fourth, behind the Logitech products, i-Fusion and Bose itself. This is due to the fact that iPod Hi-Fi has a cost of 349 euros, while those in front of it also sells products for 100 euros.

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