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Google will reduce the number of apps pre-installed on Android

Google will reduce the number of apps that its partners are forced to pre-install on smartphones

(Photo: Google)(Photo: Google)

In order to offer the endless catalog of apps in the Google Play Store, manufacturers that rely on the Android operating system must agree to pre-install a series of Google branded software on their devices imposed by the house of Mountain View. Some very useful, like Gmail and Google Maps, others decidedly less. In the last few hours, however, the search engine giant has made a partial reversal on this front.

In the latest version of the rules imposed on its manufacturing partners, in fact, the company has resized app package that the latter are forced to pre-install. Newsstand, Games, Books and the Google Plus social network remain available for optional download from the Play Store, but disappear from the list of software that new users will find on the smartphone from the first power up.

The new agreement does not mention the changes and additions that phone brands continue to operate based on the Android operating system. In short: before seeing them disappear the useless apps and utilities that telephone operators and manufacturers cram some time into their gadgets.


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