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Apple against the Nordic countries, meeting in Reykjavik

Next Thursday and Thursday we will decide the evolution of the story that pits Apple against the consumer organizations of the Nordic countries. On 24 and 25 August, in fact, representatives of nations such as Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Iceland, will be in Reykjavik to decide what actions to take against Cupertino and its marketing policies in the field of digital music.

According to some statements released by Bjoern Erik Thon, the Norwegian ombudsman, the AP agency "during the meeting will decide whether to take Apple to court and whether the case will have to be dealt with by each consumer agency individually or through a joint intervention." According to Thon, in any case, there will be no formal step until after a meeting to be held with Apple, scheduled for September.

The facts, we recall, date back to June when the Norwegian Ombudsman asked Apple for clarifications on some of the commercial practices followed in the field of digital music. Not to convince the "civic defender" were some legal provisions applied to iTunes customers and the fact that the music purchased was readable only by a specific reader. Apple responded to the letter by declaring its willingness to modify the purchase contract but not to open the music to other players because customers can freely use it simply by burning it to CD.

The Norwegian ombudsman, who in the meantime had also found support from his Swedish and Danish colleagues, declared himself not satisfied with the response even though he did not see a complete closure in the position of Cupertino.