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diciembre 13, 2019

After Kirin 990 and its version with modem 5G, announced last September, Huawei is already working on what will be its first processor made by TSMC with a 5nm production process: Kirin 1020 should be announced during the second half of next year.

Kirin 990 has already reached an excellent level in terms of power and performance offered (just look at the benchmarks): it was the first with a 5G SA and NSA modem (but millimeter-wave support is missing), it was built with a 7nm production process + FinFET Plus EUV and integrates 10.3 billion transistors in it.

To further confirm the rumors circulated in recent days, Kirin 1020 – code name "Baltimore" – will not only be the result of a more efficient production process, but will also bring important news regarding the CPU cores that should be the new Cortex-A78 that, compared to the already excellent Cortex-A76 of Kirin 990, will allow to obtain a 50% performance improvement.

At the moment, however, there is not much information and nothing has been leaked regarding the GPU. Even in this case, however, important progress is expected in performance.

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diciembre 13, 2019

Microsoft chose the Game Awards stage for announce and officially present Xbox Series X, the next-gen console that will come to Christmas 2020. Known to date with the name of Scarlett, Xbox Series X will be the most powerful Microsoft gaming platform ever made, the keywords will be speed and compatibility. Characterized by an aesthetic that does not go unnoticed – it is similar to that of a PC – the new console will offer one four times more processing power than Xbox One X in the most silent and efficient way possible.

Xbox Series X, besides being compatible with four generations of games (Xbox Original, Xbox 360, One, Series X), with all current accessories and services, it can be oriented both vertically and horizontally. The console will allow you to play the games in 4K to 60FPS, with the possibility of reaching i 120 frame rates per second. Support confirmed variable update rate (VRR) e at 8K resolution.

Powered by a processor custom designed using the latest one new generation Zen 2 and RDNA architecture of AMD, Xbox Series X will also support the ray tracing with hardware acceleration. Technology Variable Rate Shading (VRS) will also allow developers to take full advantage of the GPU and the next generation SSD will significantly reduce load times.

Taking advantage of technology Auto Low Latency Mode (ALLM) and offering developers new features including the Dynamic Latency Input (DLI), Xbox Series X will be the most responsive console ever. The new console has also been designed "for a future in the cloud"with the integration of exclusive hardware and software features.

Xbox Series X will be accompanied by new wireless controller whose size and shape have been refined to fit an even wider range of people. The new generation peripheral will present an unpublished work button "Share"which will simplify the acquisition of screen shots and game clips and an advanced D-Pad taken from the Xbox Elite Series 2 wireless controller. The new controller will obviously be compatible with PC, Xbox One and Windows 10 and will be included with every Xbox X Series.

The price uncertainty remains to be resolved, but there is still time to find out, given that the arrival of the console in the shops is set for Christmas 2020.

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