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Monstrously capacious disks.

diciembre 12, 2019

Techniques already existed for large amounts of bytes (140 Gb) but could only be maintained for a few months, now with "Hyper CD-Rom" for quite considerable times (5,000 years).

The Romanian scientist Eugen Pavel says that, with optical technologies that change the fluorescence of glass disks (12 cm in diameter and 10 mm thick), these supports have 10,000 levels of recording on the surface of the disc.

The most interesting news could be that the product will be commercially available within a year (initially for military purposes), it will be less easy to find the equipment, for these supports, in just twelve months, already on the market.

Constellation 3D, a New York company, developed a similar technology called Fluorescent Multilayer Discs last June.

Someone has made the following calculation: all computers in the world should contain some Exabytes of information, this equates to 1,024 Petabytes, which means that with 100,000 of these new "Hyper CD-Roms" for each Exabyte, you could file the planet Earth.

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