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Microsoft, set the appeal

diciembre 12, 2019

Microsoft, fixed the appeal – logomacitynet1200wide 1

The appeal process on the case of illegal exercise of the monopoly that so much interest has aroused all over the world will begin on November 27th. The low court, which will examine the documentation, has in fact set for the end of next month the presentation of the first document from Microsoft for the issue of an appeal judgment. The starting date is a cross between that proposed by Redmond and that of the DOJ. The Gates lawyers had asked to move the presentation of the first preliminary document at the end of December and to give 60 days for the counterpart's proposals and another 30 days for the replies. Deadlines that the DOJ considered unacceptable because they would have ended up delaying the outcome of the appeal until late spring. The Government had instead asked for faster times with the first document by the beginning of November. The Court of Appeal has thus decided to put the deadline in the middle of November. The calendar foresees, after the presentation of the first document on the 27th, the documentation of the DOJ by 12 January and a response from Microsoft by 29 January . The final topics are scheduled for February 9th and the final hearing on February 26th and 27th. After that, the court will reserve a certain period of time to examine the documentation and deliberate. But if the Court of Appeal tried to be fair on time, it does not seem to have had doubts when it came to the maximum size of the documentation, accepting almost entirely Microsoft's claims that it demanded more space to explain its position. Thus the introductory document will be 150 pages, twice as much as the DOJ considered appropriate. The Justice Department had argued that Microsoft was trying to "flood the car" by extending the time and submitting excessive documentation.

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