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Dave's brother

diciembre 12, 2019

Dave's brother – logomacitynet1200wide 1

Dave's "younger" brother. Thus it is defined by its producer (Thursby Software Systems) and by the Italian distributor (Alias ​​SRL) MacSOHO. As Dave, in fact, MacSOHO allows to integrate Mac OS and Windows computers in a simple and intuitive way using the Internet. Power and flexibility are the same as those of Dave, a well-known package in the professional sector, but a series of less useful options have been eliminated for those with more limited needs. For example, MacSOHO is based on the NetBEUI protocol and cannot be used in networks with routers or in "dial-up" mode. Moreover, unlike DAVE, it does not allow to print on shared PostScript printers. MacSOHO for being able to mount on the desktop of Mac the volumes shared by the PCs of the Ethernet network. It all happens exactly as the Mac user expects it to happen: just go to "Chooser", go to the MacSOHO browse window and all the PCs in the network will appear. On the other hand, PC users can access Macintosh machines which they use MacSOHO. “MacSOHO is very easy to install and configure” stated Alessandro Della Negra, Product Marketing for Alias ​​Srl “and its use is completely familiar to the Mac user. This makes MacSOHO an ideal solution for small networks whose need to share files between different platforms "Among the features Alias ​​enumera – File sharing between Mac and PC – Safe, fast, simple to manage and use – The online help allows you a simplified and immediate setup – No additional hardware required – Designed for installation SOHO environment (Small Office / Home Office) – Does not interfere with Internet connectionA demo version in time of product

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