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A robot with the brain of the Palm?

diciembre 12, 2019

A robot with the brain of the Palm? – logomacitynet1200wide 1

The Palm Pilot Robot Kit is a project to build an autonomous robot controlled by a Palm. The designers of Carnegie Mellon Robotics Institute research groups (, the Toy Robots Initiative ( and the Manipulation Lab , ( with the intention of allowing anyone to plan and build a mobile robot at low cost. Palm OS handhelds, with their portability, lightness and power have been chosen by the designers. Robots produced by brilliant gentlemen are able to move on flat surfaces and avoid obstacles. The frame that supports the Palm is equipped with three autonomous omnidirectional wheels and three optical sensors that sense the surrounding environment up to a distance of one meter. On the pages of the inventors all the technical information is provided and the robot can be constructed with easily available pieces, as well as with glue, adhesive tape and a little (but very little) mastery in making the welds. The software compiled on PC is painful. with Code Warror Lite, but the most experienced of Mac users, getting their hands on the code will surely be able to do amazing things. In a few days the kit will be on sale and the less experienced of us will know what to give to children and grandchildren for the next Christmas … at least in Santo Stefano, broken the toy (as they said … from Christmas to Santo Stefano), will remain the Palm for us . (Edited by Beniamino Cenci Goga)

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