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The legal quarrel between 3dfx and Nvidia seems to be turning in 3dfx's favor. Yesterday, the San Francisco court that is examining a complaint by Voodoo's producers against their major competitor, has in fact proved right with a preliminary ruling just to 3dfx sentencing that indeed, as plaintiff Nvidia claims, he used some patented intellectual property to produce some of his cards. This means that if the case should continue and actually end up in the Nvidia trial phase, it is likely to be defeated. The prospect for Nvidia now to pay a substantial compensation and suspend the production of some of its chips. "We welcomed this decision with great satisfaction – said Alex Leupp, CEO of 3dfx in a press release – it is a step important to protect our interests and those of our shareholders. We are winning the battle and now we want to get to the bottom of the story as quickly as possible. ?We recall that Nvidia, in turn, had filed a lawsuit against 3dfx claiming that the competitors had copied some of its patents. According to 3dfx it was just a system to arrive at a mediated solution to the first cause. The cause of Nvidia at the moment is still pending. NVIDIA and 3DFX are the two main contenders in the market for graphic accelerators with the first in continuous comeback on the second that in recent months has been in financial difficulties and also for this reason it has sought out market opportunities in the Mac .

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