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diciembre 11, 2019

Professional monitors, first level features, prices that reach and can exceed 6,599 euros *, therefore, also a particular one care request inordinary maintenance. Let's talk about the XDR Pro Display monitor available for purchase starting yesterday: an official support page, recently updated, suggests which ones precautions use to clean the precious glass for protection of the Retina panel 32 "6K.

A premise is a must for those unfamiliar with the product: Apple sells it in two versions, one with standard glass and the other with nanotexture glass – between the two there are 1,000 euros of difference, all due to the particular finish used to further reduce the reflectance compared to the standard version, and which is therefore particularly suitable for environments where it is difficult to control lighting.

Apple says about it:

If it is particularly difficult to control the lighting in the environment where you work, you can choose the innovative matt version: it has glass treated with a special nanotexture. Usually the surface of the opaque screens has a light-dispersing coating. The problem with these coatings is that they reduce contrast, obscure the image and produce unwanted reflections. The nanotexture on the XDR Pro Displayinstead, it is engraved in the glass at the nanometric level. The result is a screen with a splendid image quality, which maintains the contrast and diffuses the light to reduce reflections to an absolute minimum

Well, to avoid damaging the nanotexture glass it is necessary to use only the cloth supplied. The support page (link in SOURCE) underlines it peremptorily:

  • Use only the dry cleaning cloth provided with the display to remove dust and stains from the screen
  • Do not add water or use other liquids to clean the glass with nanotexture
  • Never use other cloths to clean glass with nanotexture
  • If you lose the cleaning cloth supplied with the display, you can contact Apple to order a replacement one (it is not clear at what price)

The same invitation to use only the original cloth is not reiterated in the case of the standard glass variant: use the cleaning cloth supplied with the display or another clean, dry microfibre cloth.

Also yesterday, Apple updated the official support site with a page (link in VIA 1) that illustrates how install and replace parts in the Mac Pro (2019), the desktop platform that represents the ideal completion of the XDR Pro Display monitor.

There is no lack of equipment two video tutorials who dwell on how to add RAM it's a new MPX expansion module.

* figure for the version with nanotexture glass, Pro Stand (1,099 euros) and original VESA adapter (219 euros) excluded

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