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Lismore Software gives Blue Label

diciembre 8, 2019

Lismore Software gives Blue Label – logomacitynet1200wide 1

Lismore Software is making a promotion that consists of drawing lots of copies of "Blue Label PowerEmulator 1.6 Special Edition" on CD-ROM. To try to win the emulator, just fill out a form and indicate your e-mail address. This sort of "competition" valid until October 25th.

Even the writer participated in the "competition" but, a few seconds after completing the registration form, we immediately received an e-mail in which Lismore said they were "sorry" because his name had not been extracted. I could buy the package with a special discount … If you want to try … maybe you will be more fortunate than myself …

Update: two of our readers, Massimo Valle and Antonio Volpi, were actually more fortunate: after a few minutes emails arrived to communicate the winnings with the indication of a code with which to order the free CD. There was also an apology in the message for the high transport cost applied Digital River ($ 36) and therefore offered the alternative of obtaining a downloadable version.

Blue Label a software similar to Connectix Virtual PC, with which it is possible to emulate a PC on the Mac and install various operating systems (DOS, Windows 95/98 / NT, Linux, Novell NetWare, etc.). (Edited by Mauro Notarianni )

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