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iClear from Griffin: transparent case for iPod nano

diciembre 8, 2019

iClear by Griffin: transparent case for iPod nano – logomacitynet1200wide 1

Griffin Technology presented in the context of the Macworld Expo a new, completely transparent iPod nano case.

The case, called iClear, made of plastic polycarbonate and completely covers the iPod. iClear has a circular hole at the click wheel which allows the iPod to be used without problems. In the upper part of the housing there is a shield for the display which can thus avoid scratches and damage.

Note the original system of closing the case, which takes place on the back using a sliding part. Put the dwarf in the case and then close it by sliding the back.

In addition to the iPod nano model, Griffin also presented a similar product for iPod shuffle. Griffin products are distributed in Italy by American Dataline and a gallery of new products presented at MWSF 2006 on this Macitynet page.

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