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Cortana arrives on Apple and Android

diciembre 8, 2019

The Microsoft voice assistant will not be a competitor

(Photo: Microsoft)(Photo: Microsoft)

All we needed was the war of the voice assistants. Microsoft plans to challenge Siri and Google Now and bring its, Cortana, to Apple and Android devices as an app.This was explained by Eric Horvitz, boss of Microsoft Research, in an interview with Reuters, revealing that in Redmond they have big plans for Cortana (Apple knows its potential by running for cover).

Microsoft in fact working on a new version of the personal digital assistant (code name: Project Einstein) to develop the capacity to extract data from its AI. The objective is to include it on the already announced and promising Windows 10 in the second half of the year. The group is focusing on the capacity of read and understand emails, a technology that, according to Horvitz, will play a central role.

Microsoft's move to bring Cortana to rival Siri and Google Now's voice is actually no surprise and makes sense: it goes in the direction of exporting its best suites to opposing operating systems, as happened recently with Outlook.

For us users the possibility of choice widens: paradoxically we can spend the days asking for information first to one and then to the other, to see if they coincide.


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