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AAPL, still down

diciembre 7, 2019

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i closed yesterday with another financial day for Apple. At the end of the negotiations, the AAPL stock fell by more than 5%, which brings the decline to almost -58 in two days and marks the minimum for Apple since July 1999. The descent yesterday to be attributed in part to the still essentially negative mood that reigns in the IT sector. Many analysts are convinced that the case of Apple is not isolated and that PC manufacturers will largely post lower than expected tax results. The market appears weak in many respects, due to the rising costs of components, the too high value of the dollar and the saturation of some niches. For this reason, analysts are convinced, the great realities of information technology will be forced to lower prices and limit profit margins. Apple, as CBS MarketWatch points out yesterday, suffers to a greater extent this distrust of, paradoxically, too much trust received in the past. No one had noticed, claims the online information service, that worrying signals were coming from Cupertino, suggesting that things were not going so well. "The iMacs – says Tim Bajarin of Creative Strategies – are a three-year-old product and the Cube is not what it takes to excite the imagination of buyers. It takes more, a new design to get back on the crest of the wave. None of the analysts gave the right weight to these transition problems ". Even more serious is the fact that many of those who work in consulting companies have not done a correct reflection on the fact that the entire consumer market to slow down and that Apple found (at least in the USA), much of its own strength on home users. These errors are very present in the eyes of those who advise large American pension funds and large investors in general and now, before changing their opinion and direction by providing a boost to the purchase of their shares, it is very likely that Apple must be very, very convincing. In particular, according to someone, it will not even be enough to announce dividends higher than those expected last Thursday. Instead, there might be a "new" iMac, a revolutionary machine or product capable of relaunching Apple's image as an innovator and market leader. But if this were the case, it might not be easy to get back as a protagonist for the AAPL list.

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