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Macbook Pro 16 makes "pop": speaker and screen problems for some users

MacBook Pro 16 has arrived recently (on November 13th, to be precise), and with him also first problems reported by users. In Communities Apple there are several users who report the case (find the link to the related discussion in SOURCE), and within the community of MacRumors two threads (which you can consult HERE and HERE) in particular have seen reports from users on a speaker problem, and to one who instead affects the screen.

The newcomer to the Apple laptop family that we talked about in detail in our review, seems to be suffering from a flaw that had also spoiled the MacBook Pro models with touchbar marketed in 2016 (in particular those of those who had decided to install Windows via Boot Camp) and which consists of speaker tendency to produce an unwanted and annoying sound similar to a click or a "pop" when the playback of an audio or video file is interrupted, or when a window is closed.

Going even further back in time, in 2007 Apple had released an update for Mac Os X Tiger own to solve the same problem for the speakers, that had been found at the time on Macs equipped with Intel processors starting from version 10.4.

The colleagues of AppleInsider inform that they have contacted 10 Apple Store in this regard, and that the half Of these reported having dealt with the problem at least once. Some users have also reported to have encountered the problem even on some units present in the bitten apple store, and others have decided to document the phenomenon with a video, like the one we report here.

At the moment hypotheses formulated by users about the nature of the problem they talk about a conflict with Final Cut Pro X. And it seems that to mitigate it may prove useful open QuickTime, click on "New audio recording" without however starting to record, and then keep the window open: at this point the annoying "pop" should disappear.

Also in this case, similar to what happened in 2016, this is not a problem that affects a large portion of the devices, as was the case for the so-called "Flexgate" (the tendency of the MacBook Pro screens to present problems of brightness, which forced Apple to replace the machines that were affected) or for the criticality of the keyboard with butterfly mechanism (MacBook 16 with Magic Keyboard back to the scissor keys) for which the Cupertino company will now have to face a class action.

In the dedicated thread there are those who report that they contacted Apple about it, and that they received in response from the technical support that the problem is recognized and the company is already working to solve it.

Another flaw that is gathering a good number of reports within the community is interesting the screen, which on the units of some users has ghosting effects during text scrolling.

Waiting for understand what the real proportions of the problems are, and if Apple will express itself in this regard, we remind you that in Cupertino it seems they are working on the introduction of new panels with Mini-LED technology on the next generations of MacBook Pro and iPad Pro.