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LinkedIn: here's what changes after the Microsoft acquisition

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella, who acquired LinkedIN announced last Thursday that there will be a series of immediate changes

The software giant Microsoft and the social network for professionals LinkedIn signed the $ 26.2 billion agreement, following a negotiation, officially started last June, which saw its companies work together on the integration plan. Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella announced last Thursday that there will be a series of immediate changes. Nadella wrote in a blog post on LinkedIn that now the mission will be to accelerate the growth of LinkedIn, even if the social one currently boasts a considerable number of monthly visitors: about 100 million. Today an exciting day that I have been looking forward to since June. Today we mark the closure of the Microsoft contract to acquire LinkedIn and the beginning of our journey to bring together the world leader in the professional cloud to the world leader in professional networking, Nadella wrote. Regardless of how or how much you use Microsoft, know that from now on you will see more and more content coming from LinkedIn that will make network with Microsoft productivity services. These are the examples Nadella focused on:

1. Lidentit LinkedIn and network in Microsoft Outlook and the Office suite

2. LinkedIn notifications within the Windows service center

3. Enabling members to write CVs in Word to update their profiles and discover and propose themselves for work on LinkedIn

4. Extend the scope of sponsored content through Microsoft's properties

5. Enterprise LinkedIn Lookup powered by Active Directory and Office 365

6. LinkedIn Learning available throughout the Office 365 and Windows ecosystem

7. Develop news for the business through the Microsoft and content ecosystem

8. Redefine social sales through the combination of Sales Navigator sales and Dynamics 365

Today I am even more enthusiastic about the common mission and sense of purpose that we share, as well as the similarities in our corporate cultures, but also the added value we can create for LinkedIn members, to help professionals transform their way of working, to realize new career opportunities through new ways. However, we believe that from this moment more opportunities can be given to help ensure that everyone can take advantage of digital technology and new opportunities created by the digital economy. Like Brad Smit of LinkedIn recently said. It will take graduality to help people to develop new skills online, find new jobs and allow an easy and immediate connection to collaborate with their colleagues.

In closing, Nadella remembers joining Smit – that: Technology alone will not solve these problems, but together, working in all sectors both public and private, we will be able to create more opportunities for everyone to participate in economic growth and share it.

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