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iPod at 60% of the Japanese market

iPod at 60% of the Japanese market logomacitynet1200wide 1

iPod has 60% of the Japanese market. To reveal the data Business Computer News, a trade magazine that has carried out an analysis on the shares held by digital music players on the Japanese market.

According to Ichiro Michikoshi, head of the editorial board, Apple has benefited significantly over the last few weeks, particularly since the launch of the Japanese digital music store. In September, the percentage of iPods on the local market was around 50%; the player has therefore gained 10% in a few weeks.

At the moment, Michikoshi writes, the attention given to the period of Christmas gifts during which the percentage of those who choose iPod could increase again.

The success achieved in Japan is very significant for Apple as it is the second country in the world for turnover in electronic gadgets and for the size of the music market.

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