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Facebook launches Place Tips, suggestions of personalized places

The service, available on the News Feed via mobile app, offers information on places near the user

Facebook announces the arrival of Place Tips, a function that will provide information and advice on the places where the user is located, and on attractions, shops and clubs nearby. The step, which was long overdue, which brings the social network on the Foursquare field and other similar services.

The function – already activated on the Facebook app for iPhone – will appear at the top of the News Feed, but – Menlo Park explains – it will be activated and deactivated at will (obviously, removing the app the possibility of localization, the service cannot be activated) .

By choosing Place Tips, photos and posts shared by your friends who have visited that place will also appear. And again, information on the spot coming from an official page, which maybe even announces upcoming events.

Place Tips works through Wi-Fi and GPS, but iFacebookBluetoothbeacons: small devices that placed in some places, will send information to smartphones and tablets nearby. The experimentation in progress in many places of attention in New York.


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