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Complete list of Cortana voice commands

Cortana the direct rival of Siri and Google Now. However, she is really smart and brings you exactly what you are looking for. To get the most out of Cortana you need to be familiar with all the commands recognized by her. If you know all these commands, you never have to put a finger on your device because you can ask Cortana to do almost everything for you, from sending texts, to setting times, she will do everything for you. Below is a list of all useful voice commands for Cortana that everyone should know.

Complete list of Cortana commands

Cortana controls for Windows smartphones

1. "Text John Smith"

D to Cortana " Text "followed by a contact name on your smartphone and you will send a message to the specified contact. You can also say" send message to " or also " brother text "if you specified your brother or any other loved one on your phone.

2. "Show me the texts from (Enter contact name)"

If you want to see all the conversations with a single contact in one place, use this command and Cortana will bring you all the messages you received from the contact. You can also use " messages "instead of" text ".

3. "What is the best (restaurant / hotel / museum) here?"

If you want to get a list of the best places around you, all you have to do is ask Cortana. They will provide you with a list of places you are looking for and tell you how exactly each place comes from your current location. Finding the best hotels around you has never been easier.

4. "What is this song?"

If you have already used Shazam or SoundHound, then you know how fantastic it is to identify a song with a musical snippet or just a whistle. Well, Cortana does it for you without having to download any third-party apps. Just ask " What is this song? "And she'll tell you exactly what in reality.

5. "Where is the nearest (Hospital / petrol station / park / restaurant, etc.)"

This command is quite self explanatory. If you are looking for something important near you, just ask Cortana and she will be happy to help you with your request.

6. "Call (Enter contact name)"

Simple, give Cortana a call to one of your contacts and you will be connected to the person in a few seconds.

7. "Remember me the next time I talk with (insert contact)"

This is very useful when you want to remember something important in relation to a specific person like a birthday. D only to Cortana to remind you of someone's birthday the next time you talk to them. It will alert you when you make or receive a call from that specific person. No more forgetting birthdays when Cortana is around.

8. "Go to Settings"

Yes, she will take you directly to the settings and not so, you can even ask her to do certain things for you like activate / deactivate flight mode, activate / deactivate bluetooth and so on. You can try everything you like likely to perform operations for you in most cases.

Universal Cortana commands (both for mobile and PC devices)

1. "Get directions to (insert position)"

Cortana will provide you with the easiest directions to reach your specified location, so you can concentrate on driving instead of worrying about driving directions.

2. "Wake me up in half an hour"

When you're just looking for that 30 minute energy nap but don't want to miss something important. This command will cause Cortana to alert you to wake you up in just 30 minutes. You can use an hour or two, depending on when you want to wake up.

3. "What's the weather like" or "how long ago (insert position)"

You can get the latest and updated weather updates in any specific city you want. Just ask Cortana the status of the weather in one of your favorite cities and she will bring you the latest weather forecast in a short time.

4. "Remind me to (insert time) on"

Again a reminder will be set for you, but you can also add instructions to help you like " remind me at 7:00 pm to take out the garbage ", now you will be reminded exactly at 7:00 pm to take out the garbage. useful when you want to remember some important things.

5. "Create an appointment"

Cortana will quickly create an appointment for you, you can schedule it for any date and time you like.

6. "Set an alarm"

Quick enough to set an alarm for a specific day or time.

7. "What is in my program?"

Cortana will show you everything on your agenda. You will receive all your appointments and the entire program in a few seconds.

8. "Show me today's headlines"

Cortana will offer you the hottest and trendiest stories and news from around the world every day. Just ask for the titles and you will be given the best news for the current day so you can stay updated.

9. "Convert (kilometers in miles) or (GBP in USD) or (Celsius in Fahrenheit)"

Cortana can do almost all the conversions that the steps. Currency conversions are carried out based on the current market rate available on Bing. You can convert everything you want from one unit to another unit without placing your finger on the device.

10. Calculations

Ask Cortana " 54 times 3 "and she will tell you the correct answer. You can also ask her to divide, add or subtract different numbers and lead them flawlessly." 40 divided by 2 ", etc.

11. "Play music"

Play the music in your library on shuffle. You can also tell her to play music from a specific artist or album and she will. You can also skip or rewind the songs by asking Cortana to do it. " Stop the music "," play the next song "," play a Coldplay song ", etc.

12. "Turn on / off Wifi / Bluetooth / Airplane mode"

You just have to tell Cortana to activate or deactivate the settings on your device and do it instantly. Ask her to turn on the bluetooth and she will turn it on, asking her to turn off the mobile data and she will turn it off and you will no longer have to perform the cumbersome manual tasks.

13. "Open (software name) or (app name)"

You can control Cortana to open any software on your PC or launch any app on your smartphone. Just tell her about " to open " or " to boot "any app. Try it with" Open Whatsapp "until you have Whatsapp installed that will open it for you. You can also cancel the procedure if you don't want to open that app.

14. "How long will it take to get to (position)?"

Cortana will provide you with an estimated duration for your arrival at any specific location. You will calculate the distance and tell you exactly how long you will need to get from your position to the specified position.

15. "When will the next football / basketball / soccer / cricket match be?"

If you want to keep an eye on your favorite sports and the next game, Cortana will help you with this. Just ask her about the next game of your favorite sport and she'll take you with the list of the latest games and matches from all over the world.

16. "Show me photos of iPhone 6s, iPad Pro, Emma Watson, etc."

You can pretty much ask Cortana to show you pictures of anything and anyone from anywhere. It will bring you a decent number of images related to your search from Bing.

17. "Let me see Chinese / Thai / Indian restaurants nearby"

Get the point. Ask Cortana about your favorite cuisine and bring you the nearest restaurants near you. You can also get directions to these restaurants.

18. "Who Obama?" Or "What time in India?"

Ask her anything you want to know and most of the time Cortana will give you the exact answer you're looking for. Most of the information and facts come from Wikipedia and the search engine obviously Bing.

19. "Take note"

If you want to make a brief note in the OneNote app, just ask Cortana about " Write it down " or " take note "and she will quickly create and save a note for you in your OneNote app so you can access it from anywhere at any time.

20. "Get flight status"

If your flights are scheduled, Cortana will provide you with the latest updates regarding your flights so you can check them when necessary.

Convenient Cortana controls

1. "What better, Siri or Cortana?"

Sometimes I'll tell you that they are both smart and sometimes they say that you can't compare Apple with Windows, which is pretty funny. His answers vary every time but they are always fun.

2. "What does the fox say?"

Do it believe it. Just ask her what the fox says and you won't be disappointed.

3. "Why did the chicken cross the road?"

The answer can vary every time you ask this question, but Cortana surely knows how to add a touch of humor to each answer.

4. "Knock Knock"

Cortana knows how to make you laugh every time with different lines. Just tell her Knock Knock and she'll make you laugh.

5. "Will you marry me?" Or "You Suck" or "I love you"

Every command will show you the intelligence and wit of Cortana. You will come back with some of the most hilarious answers you can imagine. Surely it feels like a real human life with answers like these.

6. "What do you think of Google / Apple, etc?"

I will tell you that Google is certainly a decent result, but I still prefer Bing. Certainly a little biased when it comes to comparisons between services and products from Microsoft.

7. "What does Cortana mean?"

It has many different explanations for this question. Whenever you give a different explanation about the origins of his name.

8. "What is the best Windows Phone or iPhone?"

This is when you will understand that Cortana is rather biased towards its products. I'll tell you exactly what you prevent by choosing Windows Phone.

9. "Tell a joke" or "Tell me a joke"

Cortana does her best to make you laugh with decent jokes every time you ask her to tell a joke.

10. "Which better, Google or Yahoo?"

This is really fun because when you ask Cortana about two rival products, I'll tell you that Bing is better. so biased when it comes to Microsoft, you can't even compare two competing products, but that's definitely fun.

11. "What's going on?"

Just ask "what happens?" Every day Cortana will tell you some amazing facts whenever you ask her this. Really enhance your knowledge of certain events and facts.

These are all Cortana's voice commands that we found very useful in our daily operations. Fun controls are only included to release some stress, but all the other controls are really useful in everyday life. If you have other commands that you think are really useful and important, don't forget to share them below in the comments section.