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With Hotel My Phone your mobile becomes temporarily mine

An intelligent app allows you to use a borrowed smartphone as if it were your phone, retrieving a phonebook and SMS

You may forget your phone at home, or for various reasons discharge earlier than expected during the day. In our lives, increasingly connected and dependent on furniture, situations like these can create many inconveniences. But here the universe of apps arrives once again to the rescue, with a solution as simple as it is intelligent.

Let's talk about Hotel My Phone, an application developed by PpplConnect that allows you to borrow and use, as if it were ours, the cell phone of a friend or anyone else. To do this, log in to your device with your credentials, thus recovering contacts, messages, calls and personal emails.

The first step to get Hotel My Phone to work is to register for the service, with your mailing address and phone number. This way our phone book and the SMS archive come saved in the remote profile dellapplicazione. Once this is done, it will be enough log in guest mode on the device of anyone who has also installed Hotel My Phone, thus being able to use it as if it were ours, without going to touch our guest's tariff plan.

Recording and saving your own data in the app are free operations. Calls and sending messages instead have costs that can occur on the website.

Hotel My Phone also has the air to be a sort of social network. In fact, you can create a network of people who share their devices, and the more friends you have in your network, the more the so-called Hotel Stars increase, essentially a rating of your profile.

Hotel My Phone available in beta for both Android and iOs.


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