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Web design: the trends that will dominate in 2017

2017 will bring with it exciting news and trends that will dominate Internet sites and web design. Let's see them together!

Here are the trends that will dominate the panorama of Internet sites and web design in 2017.

Web Design 2017: Emphasis on content

For years we have tried to add gadgets and functions to our websites such as sidebars, headers, ads, invitations to make, comments, pop-ups, buttons for social media and registration boxes. All these extras almost always ended up clogging up the display, penalizing the focus of the page: the content. During 2017 we move backwards, giving more emphasis to the contents, removing distractions, or placing part of them in marginal positions.

web design trend 2017

The end of flat design

The flat design that makes everything similar, overshadowing both personality and creativity, does not allow you to stand out, with the result that too many websites seem to be all the same. Among the designers, a shared feeling leads to the belief that creativity is disappearing, but fortunately the need to go further and start creating something unique that is still alive. Let's get ready to see unique and imaginative designs!

Geometric shapes, lines and patterns

The trend that has seen an increasing use of geometries, lines and patterns in web design will continue throughout 2017. And there are many ways in which geometries have made their way into websites. For example, the use of circles around images, geometrically impacting photos and site designs based on repeated lines and patterns. There are infinite ways to integrate geometries into a website, increasing the personality of a page and we expect that the union of forms and lines creativity gives its best in 2017.

web design trend 2017

More and more imaginative headline styles

The ways to create the websites' headlines seem to become more and more imaginative and we are moving towards imagination and creativity. Changing a header the best way to renew the impact our pages give. Changing the justification of the openings, the style of these and adding unique elements – or removing the header of everything – are the ways in which web design has begun to experiment .

web design trend 2017

Duotone gradient figurative language

In order to be increasingly focused on the brand, more and more sites are using images and duotone graphics. Some projects are tested on two or three colors and using the duotone effect. Just think of Instagram, where the ability to edit images in duotone allows you to combine a couple of colors together giving a completely new look.

web design trend 2017

Increased use of animations and GIFs

Animations are becoming increasingly popular and are also used on websites, often they are the best way to make people understand how an object or tool works, giving it a further meaning. GIFs have been used for this purpose, and they have been made more and more sophisticated thanks to unique design elements. In 2017 this trend will remain prevalent, favoring an immediate and simplified communication, even more immediate than the videos. Also, don't forget that a GIF weighs much less than an image gallery or video.

web design trend 2017

Simplification of navigation

We are an increasingly mobile company and more and more people are accessing the web from their smartphones, even more than on computers. The trend can be simplified and essential navigation. Finally we will say goodbye to long and complicated navigations, those that require us to close a website and try to consult it again by computer. Navigation will be minimized to help visitors focus on content instead of wasting time figuring out how to get out of a page.

web design trend 2017


Microinteractions allow you to interact with a website. Often they are animations, scrolls or mouse steps. Designers are committed to making these features increasingly refined and informative. Probably the most relevant will be the one that involves moving the pointer on a specific object to be able to micro interact with a certain information.

web design trend 2017

Greater use of hand-drawn elements

The freehand drawn elements only proliferate on the web and include fonts, icons, buttons and other touch elements present on a website. Traditionally, internet sites have never been a type of media that would be associated in automatic to hand drawing, but the union of designs to the standard design elements is leading to increasingly appealing sites.

web design trend 2017

More emphasis on landing pages instead of just home pages

2017 will see an exponential growth in the relevance given to landing pages, rather than just the homepage. Those involved in marketing will direct traffic to specific pages, in order to precisely target users' needs. The idea of ??content marketing aims to increase awareness and conversions and direct visitors exactly where they want to go, it will be one of the constants of the sites like those of e-commerce.


Web Design will amaze us and 2017 will offer us great sites and the web design trends we have shown are just some of the most relevant advances. In short, from the hand-drawn elements to the duotone images, to the imaginative headers, to the micro interactions, everything will amaze us during the new year.