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Warner, first goal: to take out Apple

Apple must be stopped as soon as possible, in any case, otherwise the record companies will have to regret it. This, in short, is the thought expressed yesterday by Michael Nash, head of Warner's musical strategies. Nash's opinion, which well represents the continuous escalation of the battle between the record companies and Cupertino of which the American society is appointed commander-in-chief, arrived in the context of the CTIA, the review dedicated to the world of mobile phones and the mobile universe in genre held in San Francisco.

According to Nash, in the current state of affairs the record companies are literally enslaved by Apple and bewitched by the opinions of Jobs. "If today we were presented in front of us and told us to lower the prices of the songs to 39 or 29 cents each," said Nash, "we would say yes, because there are so few digital songs sold." The blame, on the other hand, would not even be Apple, says Nash, but of the record companies themselves, afflicted by inertia and the inability to understand in what situation they would be found. "Everybody repeats that there was no longer to be another MTV" said Nash "and instead here we are: Apple the new MTV".

From this situation, according to Nash, you can still go out and to do so you must operate with decision and without thinking too much, erasing the privilege, all in favor of Apple and iPod sales, of 99 cents per song. The strategy will not be too painful, even for Cupertino, says Nash: "The iPod will certainly not disappear from circulation and Jobs will find another profit model."

Let us remember that Jobs, even very recently (at Apple Expo), had said that record companies have higher margins with songs sold via iTunes than those sold on CD and that if the strategy of raising the price means that someone is becoming greedy'.