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TiVo records TV on iPod

After the third-party solution, AutoPilot, the TiVo, the popular PVR sold in the USA in combination with a subscription to various services for digital TV, will now be able to transfer the contents stored on its internal HD also to iPod.

TiVoToGo, this is the name of the new function, is implemented thanks to a paid software that, according to the American company, will cover both the license costs of the application and those for the shows that will be transferred to the iPod.

The operation of the system rather simple and understandable to those who know how a PVR works. The set top box (which, connected to the telephone network, for programming updates, and to the satellite antenna) records your favorite programs on an internal hard disk. At the same time, it allows you to pause and review a live program without losing subsequent scenes. All functions that, to give an Italian example, will also be able to do MySky, the PVR distributed by Italian Pay TV.

The novelty lies in the fact that the new software enables the ability to convert movies recorded in MPEG-4 version and transfer them directly to iPod (or even in the PSP which will also be made compatible with the system). Among the functions there is also the synchronization function. You can ask TiVo to automatically update a list of programs on the PC in iPod format and immediately have the videos of your own to upload to the player.

Until now, the TiVo programs were compatible with the Portable Media Center platform used by some Creative readers who do not have great popularity.

It should be noted that the service, which does not technically involve Apple, includes a series of copy protection measures, including an ?watermark? (a transparent logo) that is imprinted on the image. Among the disadvantages, the fact that the transfer of the program from the TiVo to the PC, a process necessary to allow synchronization with the iPod or PSP, takes place in real time. A one-hour TV program will take an hour and then another ten minutes to be transferred to the iPod.