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The United Kingdom wants to ban Whatsapp and Snapchat

After the events in Paris, Prime Minister David Cameron threatens to close down encrypted messaging services for security reasons

(Photo: Getty Images)(Photo: Getty Images)

Live without Whatsapp and Snapchat, for security reasons. one of the possible scenarios that could arise in the UK in the event that the current Prime Minister David Cameron was re-elected.

In fact, it seems that Cameron, as stated yesterday (see video below), intends to ban the encrypted messaging services, unless the various operators make their data available to intelligence agencies.

An electoral provocation or substance? It must be considered that Cameron in the middle of the re-election campaign and the declaration comes on the wave of the terrorist attack on Charlie Hebdo. The messaging systems, which protect the privacy of citizens thanks to the encryption, are under accusation: according to the English premier apps provide "Free zones" to terrorists, allowing them to communicate securely, away from the ears of governments and their espionage agencies.

Even more eloquent, another statement: "Can we continue to allow sensitive but impossible to read communications? My answer: no, we can't ". Who knows how Snapchat's investors will take it, next to being listed on the stock exchange.

Cameron knows well in what juniper tree he is likely to get himself. And, faced with the inevitable criticism of those who see in these positions a threat to freedom of speech, try to reassure citizens about possible procedures to get their communications data via messaging: "Servir comunquela the signing of a mandate by the Secretary of State for Internal Affairs.We have the best system in the world to protect citizens from misuse of this invasive power ".

How will it end? Hard to say, in the current state of affairs. Meanwhile, the theme, which as we know enormous, was put on the plate.


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