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The ranking of the most followed IT distributors on Twitter

Here is the ranking of IT distributors most followed on Twitter to start making a census of IT distributors who believe and use social media.

Social networks are the new frontier of Information Technology, there is no doubt. from the social networks that we learn about new technologies, on social media we comment, we compare ourselves and often here the place where decisions are made to buy, whether people or companies (which are nothing more than an organized set of people).

Social B2B sales are the biggest trend in progress. As Gianluca Diegoli says: There are social media, and they will remain. No one forced to use them, but companies must listen to them if they want to be there in the future.

For ITIT, social media are even more important: they represent the great reservoir of Big Data, the new tool for spreading knowledge about technologies, they are a powerful CRM and also an innovative sales tool.

This is why many IT companies are talking about it more and more often. Mostly retailers, Var, System Integrators can benefit from it, because they allow you to selectively reach customers, contact specific niches, intercept the right manager by understanding his behavior.

But who really believes in it,

so much to invest our time in? Distributors have always been the example in the adoption of sales and marketing methods for IT resellers. So do distributors use them?

Here is a ranking to start making a census of IT distributors who believe and use social media.

Many absences in the ranking of IT distributors more followed on Twitter

Many distributors are not actually present on social media. The ones you see here are those that have an active account, in order of number of followers. In short, a first hit-parade of their most popular Twitter profiles.The data is quite disappointing in general, only one distributor exceeds 1,500 followers.And looking at the "Ratio?, Or the relationship between followers and people followed, you can see some simplistic strategies: to become followers of many people in order to have in exchange some follower in more. A Ratio under n. 1 indicates that the account follows more people than it has as a follower. Not a mortal sin, normal when an account just born, but representative of unripe segment, which still struggles to have a strategic approach.

Obviously, apart from a few exceptions, distributors are at the dawn of their social evolution.

Here you find the ranking of IT distributors on Twitter updated in December 2016. It may not be complete, this is why we await your suggestions and suggestions.

1 Computer Gross @ComputerGross 755 1666 2:21
2 Tech Data @TechData_IT 83 794 9:57
3 Avnet TS @Avnet_TS_IT 1717 627 00:37
4 EDSlan @EDSlanSrl 291 487 1.67
5 Exclusive Networks @EXN_IT 355 475 1:34
6 Focelda @FoceldaSpa 983 396 00:40
7 Arrow ECS @ArrowECS_Italy 159 359 2:26
8 AllNet @allnet_italia 113 333 2.95
9 Esprinet @Esprinet_Ita 15 323 21:53
10 Ahab @Achabspa 234 273 1:17
11 Pico @Picosrl 506 267 00:53
12 V-Valley @VValleyItalia 207 214 1:03
13 Itway Vad @ItwayVAD 155 214 1:38
14 Bludis @Bludis_Srl 37 130 3:51
15 ADL @Macaccessories 96 87 0.91
16 Ingram Micro @IngramMicroIT 90 83 0.92

ranking of IT distributors on twitter