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The mystery of the DVI-ADC adapter

The mystery of the DVI-ADC adapter

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It was a new day yesterday on the Apple Store. From One Click and iMovie you read elsewhere, here we point out that among the many modifications of the online store of Apple the possibility of ordering the DVI-ADC adapter appeared only a few days ago was also canceled. From the page of the connector, which would allow to connect an old DVI monitor (like the very expensive Cinema Displays but also the 15 ? flat panels) to the new machines, the check box for the purchase disappeared. So now you can read the information in this regard but you can't send the order. In recent days, the writer had purchased the adapter in question to connect his 16: 9 Cinema Display on the Apple Store. To a telephone verification carried out yesterday the representatives of Apple, if we have understood well what we have been recited in a very uncertain Italian, had confirmed that the product would have been available in 20 days, as many as the Apple Store itself indicated . In the night, instead, the surprise. Now it remains to be seen if Apple has decided to suspend orders because it has not received guarantees of a sufficient number of pieces from the manufacturer or if more pessimistically at this point it has no idea when it will be available. The American Store does not help to clarify the ideas from where the order button has disappeared but from which we learn that the connector will be on sale in October. In practice, twenty days from now … So why cancel the possibility of the order? Macity, once called the Italian Apple Store, will try to be more precise. Assuming that the Italian of those who answer us on the phone is sufficiently understandable … 😉

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