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The images from the Keynote (and video) of Apple Expo Paris 2000

diciembre 4, 2019

The images from the Keynote (and video) of Apple Expo Paris 2000 –

The images from the Keynote of Apple Expo Paris 2000

A few hours away from the event we put some images from Steve Jobs' keynote: Mac OS X much more than a simple new interface that covers a Unix OS: a revolutionary way to use the Mac and exploit its power.

Steve Jobs a perfect showman who knows how to make every presentation different from the previous one: here are some images taken from our footage with DVCamera at the Keynote in Paris: the substantial innovations of MacOS X are illustrated on the stage with the proverbial gestures of the CEO of Apple.

(update) We found the old Hi-8 tape that contained the video from which the photos above were. Here it is below. In the initial part there was a small sequence taken at the MacWorld of the previous year but after a few seconds we enter the atmosphere of the Parisian presentation.

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